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Corporate Eagle's goal is to operate at the highest levels of safety in the business aviation industry. We don't just satisfy regulatory requirements; but rather we take the concept of safety further by adopting and applying globally recognized industry best practices. Whether the crew is ferrying an empty aircraft or transporting passengers, we operate at the same high standards.

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Inspections and audits, both regulatory and voluntary, are key components in any aviation safety oversight program. They help ensure that established safety and quality procedures are being followed and are, indeed, effective.

At Corporate Eagle, we believe that these audits drive continuous improvement within our organization.

Safety auditing subjects the activities of the entire enterprise to systematic and critical evaluation against defined standards. The aim is to disclose both strengths and weaknesses. By identifying areas of non-tolerable risk, rectification measures can then be devised and applied, and the subsequent results measured for effectiveness.

Corporate Eagle has chosen the ARG/US (Evaluation and Qualification) program as our foundation for safety and quality. The ARG/US program was developed over a decade ago as the most accurate and detailed third-party due-diligence system for business aircraft operations worldwide.

In addition to historical safety ratings, the ARG/US system evaluates the status of aircraft currently operated; pilot background, training and qualification; as well as the results of the on-site safety audits. Analysis of these components results in three potential levels of safety rating: Gold, Gold Plus, and Platinum. Each of these levels reflects a detailed analysis, based on increasing amounts of scrutiny and examination, of the aircraft operator's enterprise as a whole. We at Corporate Eagle feel that the ARG/US system is the most comprehensive and detailed safety analysis program in the industry.

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Because we are certified as an FAA approved air carrier, each of our pilots must be trained and tested annually. At Corporate Eagle, we take this a step further by sending our pilots in crews of two every six months for recurrent, full-motion simulation training and testing at CAE — a global leader in simulation and training for civil aviation worldwide. With over 50 years of experience in civil and military aviation training in more than 45 locations worldwide, CAE trains approximately 100,000 crew members yearly. This depth of knowledge and experience helps ensure that your Corporate Eagle flight crew is trained to the highest standards.


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The purpose of the Check Airmen is to ensure, through periodic observation and evaluation of flight crews, that the standards as defined and approved by the company and the FAA are being followed both in spirit and letter. Not every commercial aircraft operator is approved to utilize a company Check Airman to administer the required ground and flight evaluations of its pilots on behalf of the FAA. There is a high standard that must be met to be allowed such a privilege.

Each of Corporate Eagle's Check Airmen must bi-annually demonstrate to the FAA that they have the experience, training and discipline to act on the FAA's behalf, not only as an evaluator but also a professional resource of safety knowledge and practice. As such, Corporate Eagle's FAA approved Check Airmen are also designated as our company Safety Officers. Regarding all matters of safety, the Safety Officer has the authority and responsibility to enforce company safety policy and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

By having designated in-house Check Airmen for each aircraft type, maximum safety oversight and standardization are achieved and maintained. This also allows Corporate Eagle the flexibility to administer the required ground and flight evaluations of its pilot crew members such that scheduling inconveniences to the Member — which may result from a lack of available qualified FAA Inspectors — are minimized.


"By the book" every time. It sounds simple, but today's modern dynamic and complex flight environment poses challenges that can stress even the most straightforward and implicit tenants of safety.

The basic concepts and ideology of Corporate Eagle's Crew Resource Management (CRM) are firmly rooted in our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). Effective crew coordination and crew performance — two central concepts of CRM — depend on the crew having a shared mental model of each task. That mental model, in turn, is founded on SOPs. Corporate Eagle's SOPs are clear, comprehensive and readily available procedures used by our flight-deck crew members.

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The dynamics of international operations are constantly evolving. To preclude unsafe conditions caused by differing regulatory, operational and cultural environments, training and planning are key to every successful international trip. Flights to foreign countries are required to follow the rules of both the countries they overfly and those in which they intend to land. This basic understanding is principal in the development of standardized quality control methods for the conduct of cross-border flights.

Securing the necessary exemptions, waivers and permits and navigating all of the various customs and immigration regulations are often the largest issues related to international aircraft operations.

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We asked our members what they thought of Corporate Eagle and in their own words, here are some of the great things they had to say about Corporate Eagle.


As a frequent traveler, Corporate Eagle has made my life so much easier when it comes to air travel. I have been flying with them for over 10 years and have never felt safer in the air and on the ground. Their attention to detail makes for a stress-free flight every time!

The staff is not only thorough, professional, and friendly, but they go out of their way to make me and my fellow passengers feel important and respected. More importantly, they make us feel special. There is never any doubt that the plane will depart and arrive on time; have the necessary amenities; the requested ground transportation will be waiting when we land; or a meeting room will be reserved and stocked as requested.

Corporate Eagle has far exceeded expectations when it comes to providing members with dedicated, safe, and quality service! It is truly a pleasure dealing and traveling with this wonderful group of people. I have received many, many calls from other private travel companies throughout the years, but always respectfully decline, knowing that I am flying with the best.

Sheldon Yellen, CEO
Belfor USA

Member since: 1999

Everyone in this organization is the model of professional excellence coupled with the right blend of warmth and friendliness — superb service!

Sam R. Simon, CEO
Atlas Oil Company

Member since: 2006

Corporate Eagle is known for excellent service by professionals who provide safe, reliable travel at a fair cost. You can count on them to deliver.

Kenneth L. Way
Air Way One, L.L.C.

Member since: 2004

Services — Excellent. Every aspect very professional. Always proud to have friends or associates fly with us.

Art Van Elslander, Chairman
Art Van Furniture

Member since: 1986

The Corporate Eagle Team is professional, well trained and a team we can always count on. All details are handled without failure. They are as good as any internal corporate flight management organization. In fact, better since they have to earn your business. We trust them with our travel needs and to respond extremely quickly. Truly a great service.

Thomas W. LaSorda
T&D Management Services, LLC

Member since: 2011

Outstanding experience, first class from every standpoint. Really understand service excellence and safety first.

Philip A. Incarnati, President and CEO
McLaren Health Care Corporation

Member since: 2012


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Every Corporate Eagle aircraft is equipped with the latest safety and convenience technologies, including Traffic Alert/Collision Avoidance System, Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System, in-cabin Airshow Entertainment and AirAccess Communication Systems. Our Hawker and Falcon fleets are also Wi-Fi enabled for additional passenger convenience.

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The Beechcraft Super King Air B200 is the world's most popular twin-engine propjet. Produced by Beechcraft Corporation, the King Air is a medium-range business aircraft that can land almost anywhere and perform flawlessly in virtually any conditions. This combination of performance and reliability make the King Air the most versatile business aircraft in the sky. With a square-oval cabin providing passengers with generous head and shoulder room and comfortable seating for up to eight, the Super King Air efficiency and speed are unmatched for trips of 500 miles.

Cabin accommodations include a fully equipped forward galley, a private aft lavatory, and an in-flight accessible, pressurized and heated baggage compartment offering over 55 cubic feet of luggage capacity.

Power for the B200 comes from the ultra-reliable Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-42 turboprop engine; one of the most popular turboprop aircraft engines in history. With unmatched performance, reliability and value, the PT6A is trusted worldwide for its dependability. With exceptional fuel efficiency, the B200 can achieve speeds of 322 MPH, cruise at altitudes up to 28,000 feet, and has a comfortable operational range of up to 1,150 miles.

Whether for business or pleasure, the Super King Air combines a perfect blend of versatility, comfort, efficiency and safety.

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The Hawker 800XP is a direct descendant of the most successful mid-size jet ever built. Unlike any other business jet on earth, the 800XP is recognized around the world as the best in the mid-size class. With flexibility unparalleled by any other mid-size business jet, the 800XP's short-range efficiency, transcontinental capabilities, ruggedness, speed and comfort make this Hawker unique.

The 800XP's expansive cabin provides standing headroom along its entire length. This spacious "conference room in the sky" easily accommodates eight passengers, their luggage, full fuel, and still has payload left over. Additionally, the Hawker 800XP has a fully equipped forward galley with microwave oven, a full private aft lavatory and in-flight Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) to drive the powerful environmental control system to ensure overall comfort on the ground and in the sky.

In-flight productivity is promoted by the latest technology options such as unlimited Gogo, Wi-Fi, wireless satellite flight phones and an audio/visual entertainment system, which includes the Airshow 400 flight information system.

Versatile, efficient and comfortable — no wonder the Hawker 800XP is one of the most successful business jet aircraft in history.

Corporate Eagle:


The Falcon 2000 is a high-performance, wide-body, super mid-size business jet. Produced by Dassault Aviation, the Falcon 2000 offers the best-in-class combination of speed, range, capacity, comfort and efficiency. With a wide-body, flat-floor cabin design that is 7'8'' wide with 6'2'' of stand-up cabin space, the Falcon 2000 is a comfortable intercontinental-range business aircraft selection.

Configured for 10 passengers, with capacity for a cabin attendant, accommodations include a fully equipped forward galley, completely private aft lavatory and in-flight accessible baggage compartment that offers 134 cubic feet of luggage capacity and wardrobe storage.

In-flight productivity is promoted by the latest technology options, such as unlimited Gogo, Wi-Fi, wireless satellite flight phones, and an audio/visual entertainment system, which includes the Airshow 4000 flight information system.

To power this aircraft, Dassault selected two purpose-designed CFE738-1-1B high-efficiency turbofan engines that offer excellent performance and dependability. The superior fuel efficiency of the Falcon 2000 can economically achieve speeds of 529 MPH, cruise at an altitude of 47,000 feet, and has a range of over 3,000 miles.

When you take your boardroom to the sky with the Dassault Falcon 2000, you'll appreciate the highest standards of structural integrity, as well as the benefits of proven reliability.


Corporate Eagle: Hawker 800XP in flight

When it's time to choose an aircraft management team, we believe you should look very closely at the details. The passion and dedication of our locally based, Fractional and Managed Business Aviation Programs provide our Members with superior and efficient individualized service. Here are the reasons why the Corporate Eagle program is different:


  • We are always available and prepared to schedule your flight. You fly when and where you need to go, day or night. A suitable notice is ideal though we are at the ready to put the wheels in motion when your time requires immediate travel.
Corporate Eagle: Receptionist sitting and looking at a computer screen while speaking on the phone
  • Your aircraft will be meticulously maintained and detailed, including a 60-point preflight inspection prior to every departure.
  • A Maintenance and Ground Support Technician is assigned for every departure and arrival.
  • An On Board Services Team Member is assigned to every departure to ensure that your aircraft cabin is impeccably cleaned and well organized as well as stocked with your personal comfort and convenience preferences.
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  • Upon arrival at Corporate Eagle, you drive up to your aircraft and are immediately greeted by one of your flight crew members.
  • Your aircraft cabin will be presented the same way, every time, with your company logo displayed.
  • Your automobile will be valet-parked, fueled, detailed, and running upon your return.

"We're always presented with professional, courteous and high-quality service."

Michael J. Ferrantino, CEO
EQ - The Environmental Quality Company

  • From an hour prior to take-off until you return home, Members can have direct contact with their crew in order to discuss any changes in itinerary, special requests, or any needs that may arise.
  • Throughout the entire travel process, your flight crew is totally engaged and anticipating issues that may arise and monitoring any causes of concern.
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  • A well-appointed, exclusive conference center is available for Member use before or after flights, as well as for visiting guests.
  • To meet our Members' demanding schedules, Corporate Eagle is available from our local base 24/7/365.
  • Your private facilities, aircraft, and staff are dedicated to
    Members only.
  • Fractional and Managed Business Aviation Programs are member-exclusive. Never any outside users, outside charters, or jet card use.
  • Members may own or lease, paying only expenses based on the amount of aircraft availability required.
  • When not in use, we take great care of your valuable asset.


Your acceptance into our Members program entitles you to exclusive Corporate Eagle benefits. Aircraft shares may be purchased, financed or leased. Corporate Eagle offers both short and long-term contracts.

Corporate Eagle: Dassault Falcon 2000


Our members enjoy one-way travel rates without the inconvenience of a limited service area. You can fly anywhere in the world, one-way or round-trip, from our base location. To ensure maximum flexibility and efficiency, our members may keep the aircraft and flight crew with them for multiday trips.

Because Corporate Eagle is well versed in international travel, we are able to make your global trips as seamless as your domestic ones, using advantages like special customs handlings and qualifications for overflight permits.

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Operating cost is spread across the fleet and amortized to each share.


  • Capacity to inventory up to 39,000 gallons of jet fuel, purchased at pipeline pricing.
  • Inventory of over one million dollars worth of top-of-the-line spare and rotatable aircraft parts and components.
Corporate Eagle: Two technicians working on an Airplane
  • Experienced in-house team of professional maintenance technicians.
  • Our unique weight-off-wheels Hobbs Meter means Members only pay for the actual time the aircraft is airborne — no additional taxi time added to each leg of the trip.
  • No minimum flight-time requirement — Ever.
  • Local base advantages, buying power, asset sharing, and talent lowers aircraft operating cost and these savings are passed along to our members.
  • Member's aircraft share represents days-per-year, meaning no need to ration a fixed number of flight hours and allows more actual flight time per share than any competitor.
  • Corporate Eagle fleet size allows for simultaneous use of multiple aircraft.
  • Fleet diversity permits you the option to select the most mission-specific type of aircraft.
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Corporate Eagle handpicks the finest pedigree aircraft, contracts and supervises all upgrades and refurbishments, and delivers an outstanding aircraft to you on the ramp — ready to go.

Your dedicated aircraft under our management receives extraordinary care and will always be stored in a meticulously maintained hangar. Your aircraft cabin will be customized with storage compartments specifically designed for your personal supplies. Our On Board Services team will perfectly maintain every inch of your aircraft interior. Our Aircraft Maintenance Group will not only provide uncompromised aircraft maintenance and documentation, they will maintain, clean and polish your aircraft exterior to like-new standards. No hourly labor invoicing — Ever.

All members of the Corporate Eagle flight crew are full-time, thoroughly-trained, captain-qualified pilots dedicated to their profession. At Coporate Eagle, it's our privilege to immerse members in an exceptional luxury travel experience like none other.


Whether a driver service or rental car is required, we are able to assure our members that a vehicle of their choosing will be arranged and waiting for them from the moment their aircraft arrives. Our flight crew will also ensure that you secured your rental vehicle and depart the destination-airport grounds, along with proper driving directions to your ground location. If a limousine service is preferred, that can also be arranged through the Corporate Eagle schedulers with our proven, preferred limousine vendor.

Back at the Corporate Eagle home base facility, your personal vehicle will be cleaned, polished, detailed, fueled, the interior temperature adjusted and running ramp-side for you upon your arrival.


Corporate Eagle - Image of an airlpane entering a hangar at night
Corporate Eagle operates as a 24/7/365 flight facility for the convenience of our Members' demanding schedules and unexpected travel needs.

In 1982, Tradewinds Aviation, Inc. was formed to take over a failing flight school. With a passion for excellence, our team upgraded the fleet, the staff, the processes and systems. The Tradewinds Aviation Pilot Center grew into a top-flight operation and the largest provider in Southeast Michigan. Here, the exclusive Pinnacle Club Aircraft Partnerships program was created, offering a fractional share program for the owner-flown pilot.

The organization continued to guide its highly reputable pilot training program for over 20 years. Then in 2007 as the demand for fractional share program grew, the decision was made to divest the Pilot Center Operations division to streamline the company's focus to meet the interest of our Members. Without changes in ownership or staff, we merged functions to become Corporate Eagle Management Services, Inc. The change allowed our established team to bring laser-like focus to providing the finest services for our Fractional and Managed Business Aviation Programs.

Under this direction, our exclusive Business Aviation Membership Programs continue to thrive as the industry leader. Corporate Eagle offers unrivaled aircraft maintenance, dedicated pilots, and White Glove On Board services to our Southeast Michigan Members.

In 2010, the addition of the Falcon 2000 to our fleet expanded Corporate Eagle's global reach.

In the summer of 2013, our state-of-the-art facility unveiled an expansion that includes a fourth operational hangar, providing space for additional fleet and membership.

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Corporate Eagle - Richard Nini: President, CEO


At an early age Rick Nini knew exactly what he wanted to do, and that was to become a pilot. At the age of 16, Rick took advantage of an offer to clean and detail aircraft for an Oakland-Pontiac Airport based aviation school. The work, beginning in May of 1972, would be in exchange for flight training. >>> more

Corporate Eagle - Christopher A. Weedon: Vice President, Director of Flight


For the past 15 years, Chris has dedicated his career to uncompromising professionalism, commitment to safety and customer service. Before joining Corporate Eagle, he received a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics from the University of North Dakota. Chris has training certifications as an Airline Transport Pilot, Commercial Pilot, and Flight Instructor, with multiple ratings in each category. He was also awarded the NBAA Pilot Safety Award, as well as the Raytheon Aircraft Company Award for excellence in Aviation. >> more

Corporate Eagle - Matthew J. Brennan: Vice President, Member Services Group


As Vice President, Member Services Group, Matthew Brennan's mission is to ensure that every member in the program is continually reassured that choosing Corporate Eagle for their business aviation needs was the right decision. He oversees the On Board Services Group, inspects the departures daily, and plays a key role in the business development of Corporate Eagle's Fractional and Managed Business Aviation Programs. >> more

Corporate Eagle - Chad E. Bredernitz: Vice President, Chief Financial Officer


Chad Bredernitz received a BS/MS in Accountancy from Wake Forest University in 1997, prior to working at Arthur Andersen and Plante Moran in public accounting. He joined Corporate Eagle in 2002, and from that time, has been struck by the manner in which the staff strives to understand its Members. >> more

Corporate Eagle - George L. Terry: Vice President, Maintenance Operations


After graduating from the Spartan School of Aeronautics in 1988, George Terry received his FAA Airframe and Powerplant certificate, as well as numerous aircraft-specific certificates. Since he began working at Corporate Eagle in June of 2000, he has been continually impressed by the dedication and dependability of the staff, as well as the member-focused mindset all staff possess. >> more

Corporate Eagle - James J. Koch: Check Airman, Company Safety Officer


Jim Koch, Senior Captain Check Airman and Safety Officer on Hawker 700 and 800XP aircraft, graduated from Albion College with a BA in Economics and a minor in Spanish. He has Flight Safety, SIMCOM, and CAE advanced training. His FAA certifications include Ground and Flight Instructor of single engine, multi-engine, instrument, and balloon craft. Moreover, Jim has an Airline Transport Pilot type rating in Challenger, Hawker, Lear, Citation, and Israeli Aircraft equipment. He holds over 18,500 accident-free operations hours, as well as a National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) 15,000-hour Safety Award.
>> more

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